Garage and Entry

Study Analyzes Safest Access to Underground Parking

The egress of the garage was placed on Woodland because it is the best for residents to access Highland Avenue. A traffic study identified the Highland and Woodland intersection as the safest route for heading east or west, especially with the backup at Fort Thomas during peak hours. In addition, the garage entry on Woodland is at the grade at this level. There is a 10-foot drop from the corner of Ft. Thomas and Highland to Woodland and the garage will be underground along Ft. Thomas Ave.

The roundtrips for the proposed 18-unit project is estimated at 21 per day. This is based upon the garage door counts for similar Greiwe Development projects in Mariemont.

The traffic study also verified these number of trips based upon similar projects targeted to similar audiences. Woodland Place residents currently experience 15 roundtrips per day and 30 trips during the busy tax season at the Grosser Building. The existing retaining wall and 12 car surface parking lot would be replaced with an attractively landscaped hillside. In addition, the building height at the corner of Highland and Woodland has been lowered one level to benefit the neighborhood.

The setback of the building has been increased and will exceed the zoning requirement by 10 ft. The building will be a total of 30 ft. from the curb.

The corner will feature the same handsome materials as the front of the building with a stone garage façade and brick on the first and second residential levels. The garage door will also be recessed inside the garage and not create a noise impact.

Visitor parking has been increased to address neighborhood concerns and space added for four cars to wait to enter Woodland if congestion occurs at the intersection.

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