Project Scale and Height

Scale of Project

The scale of the project has been revised. The length has been broken into two buildings and the mass by introducing two architectural styles. The project sets the stage for the revitalization of the town center which is now characterized by businesses operating out of older houses on the west side of Fort Thomas Ave.

A modern town center envisioned in the Ft. Thomas Comprehensive Plan has buildings with setbacks that are near the sidewalk and create a sense of place. The commercial space will have large glass storefronts with attractive facades. The floorplans are conducive to retail, office, and neighborhood service businesses. Many residents have raised the question ‘Do we want to be a bedroom community with just great schools and parks, or do we also want a great town center where we can gather, dine, shop, and work?’

Height of Project

The mixed-use building has been redesigned to conform to the 50 ft. height limitation. The second commercial building is 35 ft. high.

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