Why will retail be successful this time?

Many businesses have failed on the corner and some citizens question why this project will succeed. Previous restaurants, gift shops, offices, and others have operated out of houses, not modern commercial space. There was no central mass of retail to attract customers.

The new buildings will be an attractive destination for shopping, dining, and neighborhood services. It will be a prestigious address for businesses. The targeted commercial tenants will create a reason to frequent the location on a regular basis.

More and more traditional town centers throughout the region and nation are experiencing a revitalization as residents desire places to live, work, shop, and play in walkable neighborhoods.

Ft. Thomas has a unique opportunity to attract young, urban couples as they start families and look for the best school systems. These millennials will seek the same services within walking distance to shop and socialize. The proposed mixed-use project will appeal to this audience as well as long-time residents who desire a place to gather in the town center.

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