Fort Thomas Town Center Revised Plan

After input from the Planning Commission, Design Review Board and listening to citizens we have made several adjustments to the original concept plan including:

Building Length

The new plan breaks the single building into two buildings with a 30 ft. wide garden in between.

The mixed-use building on the corner includes 18 condominiums instead of 24 with underground parking for residents and visitors. The 12,000 SF of commercial space will feature neighborhood services and retail. The second commercial building will feature a 4,300 SF sit down restaurant and office space on the second level.

Building Mass

Two different architecture types are introduced along Ft. Thomas Avenue to break up the mass of the development. The mixed-use building on the corner draws its inspiration from the various types of architecture in town. Millwork and cast stone detailing along with balconies and projecting gable bays add texture and depth to the façade and give the building its residential character.

The commercial building to the north has a modern restaurant and office space that works in harmony with its flat roof lines of historic commercial structures scattered throughout the town center. Aluminum storefront windows with metal panel accents are used on the first floor and punched window openings with a projecting bay for architectural articulation on the second floor.

Building Height

By means of lesser roof slope and floor-to-floor heights, the building height is reduced from 53.6 ft. to 50 ft. to the top of gable and ridge to stay in compliance with the town center zoning, the corner building will include commercial space on the first level with 13 ft. finished ceilings and two levels of residential units with 10 ft. ceilings.

The commercial building is 35 ft. high to the top of parapet, with finished ceilings for a restaurant space at 16 ft and office on second level with 12 ft. ceilings. The adjacent Schone Cabinetry building to the north is 4 ft. taller than this commercial building and WesBanco building across the street is 2 ft. taller. The two-level commercial building provides a nice transition in scale to the other buildings in the town center.


The entire length of the development will be activated with pedestrian space that complements the town center. Ft. Thomas Avenue will include, per Fort Thomas streetscape standards, a 6 ft. wide public sidewalk and 4-6 ft. wide planting strip between the covered promenade and the public sidewalk on the mixed-use building frontage.

The commercial building to the north will have a 16 ft. deep outdoor seating area adjacent to large storefront and operable glazed wall systems to open the restaurant to the street.

A 30 ft. wide space between the two buildings has a garden with trees and landscaped beds. It will be a place for condo residents to enjoy and a beautiful access point to the retail business and public parking lot.

The façade of the mixed-use building has an 11 ft. wide promenade with alternating roof and trellis sections. The promenade terminates into a Plaza on the corner of Highland and Ft. Thomas that will feature colorful flower planters and umbrella tables and will be a great place to gather in the town center.

Garage Entry

After studying several entries for the residential garage, the Woodland Place location was selected. There are however several changes suggested by residents and the developer incorporated into the revised plan:

  • Increased setback of an additional 5 ft. for a total of 13.6 ft. from property line and a total of 20 ft. to the sidewalk and 30 ft. from curb. No setback is required in the zoning code.
  • Increased space for stacking cars with 3 spaces in garage and 1 car outside garage that can wait to enter Woodland without blocking sidewalk.
  • Increased visitor parking in garage from 3 to 9 spaces.
  • Exit drive of garage lined up between homes across street and landscape material offered to owners.
  • Professionally landscaped and maintained gateway to neighborhood on hillside to replace surface parking lot and retaining wall.
  • Request to City to remove utility box and pole to increase visibility.

The height of the residential will be stepped back to two levels over the garage. The entry is designed to respect the residential character of the street with a stone clad building base and recessed garage door. Residential units with outdoor balconies will face Woodland Place.

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